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Post by Fliskets on Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:33 pm

"When I was 16 my father said that I can do anything I want with my life...
You just have to be willing to work hard to get it.
That's when I decided I wanted to be remembered for the life that I lived not the money I made...."

…"Hey, once upon a younger year
When all our shadows disappeared
The animals inside came out to play
Hey, when face to face with all our fears
Learned our lessons through the tears
Made memories we knew would never fade
One day my father—he told me,
"Son, don't let it slip away"
He took me in his arms, I heard him say,
"When you get older
Your wild heart will live for younger days
Think of me if ever you're afraid."

He said, "One day you'll leave this world behind
So live a life you will remember."
My father told me when I was just a child
These are the nights that never die
My father told me"


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Post by Fliskets on Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:51 pm

"When I was 16 my father took me aside and said that I can do anything I want with my life... As long as I don't forsake it. So I should choose to live the life I'll be proud of to remember."
I know I was just a child, but his words stuck with me even into my unlife as a Vampire.
I decided I wanted to be remembered for the life that I lived not the life that was chosen for me...."


Rebecca Starling, also known as Star by her frends stood silently on the curb, her gaze was fixed looking up at the stars above her. The stars are always were so hard to see from the inner city and she longed for seeing them again as she did when she was a child out in the sprawling  country sides of her old mountain town in North Carolina. It seems like a lifetime ago to her and as much as she tries to put the past behind her just some things always linger in the back of her mind that make her remember that she was once Hunan.

She looked up at those shining stars that was her name sake and recalled something her father told her when she was young.
" My little Star, One day you'll leave this world behind, So Carve your name into those stars above you.
Don't forsake this life of yours, no matter what you do live a life you will want to remember"

Maybe it was that memory that helped her hold on to her Humanity. She couldn't really be sure.
She sighed deeply and took a drag from a cigarette that  she had previously lit.
She didn't enjoy the nicotine as most people would. She didn't enjoy the flavor or even the simple Act of inhaling those toxic fumes into lungs, Lungs that she no longer had to worry about getting cancer. She honestly didn't know why she did it, smoking had just become a routine habit and for some reason it helped quiet her mind.
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A black Cadillac pulled up and shined its lights on her, flashing them twice.
Before she even had time to react a gruff looking man leaned out the passengers window and called for her.
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▂▂▂▂▂▂Little John▂▂▂▂
Hay! Get in loser ! we'z got sh!t to do!

Star grunted and flicked her cigarette to the side before she climbed in to the backseat of the vehicle.
She said in the middle of the back seat and lean forward positioning herself between the two men the driver and the passenger.
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"So what's the 911?... You paged me, said something about dinner and a show? ..
Something I couldn't miss ??.Little John I'm really not in the mood to go on some crazy wild goose chase tonight. "

She said showing a tad bit of annoyance in her voice

The driver laughed and started driving out of the city, heading to the states garbage dump.
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Just sit back, trust me it will be worth it... you been b!tch'n and moaning to me for the last few months that you want to know what we're all abour, figure I should show ya first hand..
Ugh... What the f*ck does that mean? You're not dragging me out to the city dump so you can kick my  @ss again?... eh?..

The two men simply laughted at this and Brick started to get that sinking feeling that she should never have agreed to come out with them tonight. She sat back against the cushion of the back seat and folded her arms in a silent protest of annoyance. She knew that tonight was going to grade on her temper.

After about 20 minutes of idle chit chatter between the three of them she felt a distinctive Fudd against the back of the cushion along with some muffled moans.
What the F*ck...? Dagon! Is Somebody in the f*cking trunk?

The car abruptly stopped after pulling in to the city dump. They turned off the lights of the vehicle and drove silently all the while Star listening to the commotion that was coming from the trunk

Random Startee 1949-c10
The two men got out and Star followed suit.
Littlejohn Pop the Trunk and to Star's horror her fears were confirmed.
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There in the back of the trunk lay a man, if you can even call him that anymore. All four of his limbs had been severed with what looks like a blunt axe, though there was no blood. He had been gagged with Old Rag and a hell of a lot of duct tape.
▂▂▂▂▂▂Little John▂▂▂▂▂▂
Little F*ggot nearly bit my hand off, so I had to knock his teeth out with the tire iron.

She said horrified as she staired at the man in the trunk.
No.. I wanted him to be fully aware of everything that was going on around him hence the reason I cut off his legs and arms. He won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
The old man said coldly...

▂▂▂▂▂▂Little John▂▂▂▂▂▂
Yeah you should have seen the little p*ssy's beast freak out... he flailed around like fish on a hook for a good hour until he exhausted the beast within himself. It was hilarious. I wish I got it on camera. Ha ha too bad we ain't got time to play with him again. But boss says we need to take out the trash..

Star was beside herself she had never seen someone in such a rough state.
The man in the trunk pleaded with her with his eyes he didn't want to die.

Dagon, this ain't right man...
Star didn't know who this man was, she could only speculate that he was from a rival faction.
The hows and the whys were never supposed to be asked, especially by the Young. It wasn't their place to question the elders. Just to do what they were told.

Just shut up and help me get him out of the trunk.

Star gritted her teeth, she knew this guy was a goner, whatever they had planned this guy was not going to survive. She questioned whether he really deserved what was about to happen to him. And in that hesitation is when she felt a hand rest heavily on her shoulder

You ain't gett'n soft on me are ya princess?
Cuz you know you could easily be next.

Fear ran through Star's core as she imagined herself in a similar State as this man laying in the back of Little John's trunk.

Go on girl, do as your told.

Star still hesitated for a moment before she moved towards the trunk and helped Little John lift up what was remaining of this man over his shoulders. The man struggled and his face was full of fear. His eyes pleaded with her again to please stop, to please get help. But she had to force herself to ignore it.

Little John helped moved the man to the center of the junkyard not far from the car. He struggled and tried to get away a few times but little John held him in place, grabbing him by the back of the neck and forcing his torso into the ground with such Force that Star could hear the cracking of Bones

Um... What.. What are we going to do with him?

She asked Dagon, her voice was low and shaking slightly. She has been told about her enemies, she had been told about what she has to do when faced with them. But this was something completely different then what she expeted, there was no honor in this, there was no battle, I just was a straight execution or even worse.

I promised you dinner and a show Pumpkin, and I always deliver!

Before Star had any time to react Dagon grabbed her by the wrist and firmly planted his bootheel in the back of her knee, forcing her to fall to the ground in front of the man.

Star grunted in pain and tryed to break Dagon's hold on her, but he grabbed the back of her head holding her hair tight and forced her to look at the man.

You see Princess, we going to toughen you up tonight the proper way. Going to get you a taste of the good life!
I promised you dinner didn't I?

He said as he shoved her face into the man's neck and ordered her to drink.


She hissed and snarled trying to turn her head away. But he held her head tight and with each thrash that she tried to make she can hear her own Bones start to snap under Dagon's weight.

▂▂▂▂▂▂Little John▂▂▂▂▂▂
B*tch this is a honor, drink this mother f*cker dry and claim your place in the pack.
Said in a snarling voice, eager to see the Young fledgling defile herself on the blood of their enemy

Star shut her eyes, she didn't want this, this wasn't right. But Dagon was leaving her little choice. She could feel the Beast inside her scratching at the surface, sniffing at the man's neck. It was hungry and so was she. But what they were commanding  her to do was horrific, destroying another vampire by drinking their soul was the most horrifying Act any of her kind could do. Still she was faced with this choice..

Come on Princess, be a good little b*tch and do as your told. I ain't got all damn night to break'ya in. I got sh!t to do. So you ether start suck'n or you are next.

He said in a growl holding her head tightly to the man's jugular
If ya do it good then you might even get a prize Hee-Hee

Star gave in, there was no discussion. She extended her fangs  and bit down hard on the man neck puncturing his artery and began to drink. There wasn't much blood, this poor soul had already been prepared for this.
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Star suckled trying to push past her own morality to commit to the ACT that she was being commanded to do. Strange visions and memories seem to flow past her mind with each drink. These memories and thoughts were not her own but the life of this man she saw through his blood. The deeper she drank the more intense the Visions became. She saw his life, his loved ones, all that he began as and all that he was now, everything leading up to this very moment of his utter destruction.
She wanted to cry, she not only saw his memories, but also felt all the emotions of various points in his life.
And as she suckled on the very last drops of his heart's blood she felt exhilarating rush of emotions. It was the most intense feeling that she had ever felt in her existence. It was better than any drink she ever had before as a vampire and it was more pleasurable then any physical pleasure that she could remember in her life. In that one euphoric moment she truly felt alive again.

Star screamed and thrashed as the beast within her raged in a lust filled frenzy.
It wanted more and she was powerless to stop it. The Beast over took her consciousness and the world started to become hazy in her vision so she remained fully aware of her actions just powerless to do anything about them she was no longer in the driver's seat of her own being.
She felt her bones break as Dagon held her down, the beast thrashing about in utter ecstasy.

It was a good 20 minutes before regained her control. Dagon still had her in a forceful headlock and  didn't seem like he was going to let go until he was absolutely sure she was no longer a thrall to the power of the Beast inside her.

▂▂▂▂▂▂Little John▂▂▂▂▂▂
Hot-damn girl! You'be wild! My 1st wasn't even like that ha ha ha
Little John said with a laugh.

Star was confused, that rush of sensation that had overtaken her and drawn the Beast to the surface was gone. And all that was left was a memory. The worst of it though was the realization that she enjoyed it and she desired more. She felt empowered ,  like something  that was part of him  was now part of her .  And it would make her stronger  in the nights to come . But it came at a price , a price almost to  hi to pay . Part of her died in that moment, the part of her that kept her close to humanity. She felt herself slipping further away from it . She felt herself growing colder inside and closer to the Beast.

That's a good girl now! Don't worry the 1st one is always the hardest. You'll learn to love it.
Welcome to the Pack.

He said whispering in her ear and releasing his grip on her.

Star flopped forward into a pile of ashen remains of the man that she drink from.
there was nothing left of him at all.. when the deed was done his body simply turn to Ash and started to blow away in the night air.

She started down at the pile of ash and was silent. She reflexively healed the damage caused by her restraint and looked around. Little John and Dagon have already started making their way back to the car.

Star felt cold inside, she had lost a part of herself this night. but gained some sort of new power in return. And if she was going to survive the nights to come she would need to harness that power to become stronger, that much was true.
But how much of her Humanity was she willing to sacrifice for survival? For acceptance into this pack? How much of it was she willing to sacrifice before she became the monster that was inside herself ? She questions this in the following nights to come.

Star raised her head to the sky and noticed the stars, they were so much brighter out here away from the city lights.  and as she stared at them her mind wandered back to that time of her youth, when she was just a child.
She remembered being at her father's arms and his words echoed in her mind..
"One day you'll leave this world behind
So Carve your name into those stars.
Don't forsake this life of yours, no matter what you do live a life you will remember."

It was his words that saved my soul that night, remembering him and  looking up at those Stars. His memory helped me remember not to let my Humanity slip away. I might not be able to leave the life that was chosen for me right at this moment, but I will choose to live the life that I want to lead.  And that will be no one's choice but my own.
I will shine as bright as those starts in the sky.
My name is Star, and this was my beginning.


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