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Post by Fliskets on Thu Sep 06, 2018 5:05 pm

*¨*•.¸¸♡•*¨*•.¸¸♡•* BIO *•.¸¸♡•*¨*•.¸¸♡•*¨*•.¸¸

Hello my lovely Im a Jacquelyn', (Jacqueline)
I'm a prie-dieu chair with a slutty pink velvet rear. I have a beautiful passementerie hand-embroidery around the blue flowers on my seat back. I have a nice hard wood finish and glossy exterior, no scuffs or tears  in my upholstery.
I'm bran new and need to be broken in.
I'm  a Chair.
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Roleplay with me plz? *OwO*Character Info & Images Eyerol10

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Post by Fliskets on Thu Sep 06, 2018 5:48 pm

Character Info & Images M_onyx10

Name: Onyx Obsidian 
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
Breed: Lupus
Aispice: Crescent Moon (Theurge)
Tribe: Bone Gnawer/Black Spiral Dancer
Pack: Jaws of Fear
Concept: Test Subject 554-1
Age: 2
Apparent Age: 21


Strength: •••
Dexterity: •••
Stamina: ••••

⌘ Socia l⌘
Charisma: ••
Manipulation: ••
Appearance: ••

⌘ Mental ⌘
Perception: ••
Intelligence: •••
Wits: •••


------⌘ Talents ⌘------
Alertness: •
Athletics: ••
Brawl: ••
Dodge: ••
Intimidation: ••
Primal Urge: •••
Subterfuge: •

------- ⌘ Skills ⌘--------
Animal Ken: ••
Crafts: •••
Leadership: •••
Melee: •
Larceny: ••
Stealth: ••
Survival: ••

------⌘ Knowledge ⌘------
Enigmas: •
Investigation: •
Medicine: •
Occult: ••
Rituals: ••

⌘ Backgrounds ⌘
Pack Totem
- Hakaken the Heart of Fear

Personal Totem
- Relshab the Faceless Eater

⌘Lupus Gifts⌘
- Hares Leap
- Heightened Senses
- Sense Prey

⌘Theurge Gifts⌘
- Mother's Touch
- Sense Wyrm
- Spirit Speech

⌘Bone Gnawer Gifts⌘
- Cooking
- Resist Toxin
- Tag Along

⌘Black Spiral Gifts⌘
- Shroud
- Corrupted Touch
- Bane Protector

Glory: ••
Honor: •
Wisdom: •••

⌘Rage: 2
⌘Gnosis: 5
⌘Willpower: 8

Eyes of the Wyrm:
Mouth of the Wyrm:
Sense Unnatural:
Subconscious Database:
Twisted Tongue:

Severe Phobia:
(Doctors & Surgical Equipment / Pins & Needles)

Onyx unlike many of her kind continuously get reincarnated upon her death. This leads her to living many different lives throughout the years. But one factor usually Remains the Same she is always born the single pup to a lupus wolf, her fur is jet black, and she has Violet purple eyes.

She grows rather quickly and is often more intelligent than other wolves. Upon her birth a totem spirit usually looks after her until her first change, then teaches her about the world she lives in. And every case of her Incarnation she has been dragged to the spiral Labyrinth and been given training under wyrm's banes or the incarna of the Great Dragon himself.

In her recent Incarnation she was born inside a laboratory in PENTEX and used as a test subject  until her first change freed her from her bonds and excaped never to return.

Her totem spirit guides her as it has done many times before, only this time due to the extreme experimentations done on her she has lost a lot of her memory of her life or other lives that she has lived and has developed a great fear of doctors and surgical equipment..

She struggles to survive in this new world, learning things and making friends as she can as she tries to find Clues to her past and who she was.

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