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[spoiler="Maranda West ]
Name: Maranda West
Age: 21
Body Gender: Female
Personality's Gender: 3 Female, 1 Male
Species: Vampire
Clan: Malkavian
Permanent Derangement: Magical MPD
Unlike normal multiple personality disorder that a person might suffer from Maranda West suffers from a magical condition.  During her clan's gathering hen Maranda smashed Fae Mirror and became cursed by the Fairies of Eternal Madness that governed over her clan. Maranda's psyche split into 4 separate personalities.
And started to take on a life of their own, they also become self aware of not only themselves but of each other.
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Maranda West's body became more like a Car that these personalities take turns driving from time to time. Kinda like 4 friends on a road trip.
Though they may not agree with each other from time to time, they all agreed that they have to keep the vehicle moving and stay on the road.
The destination is unknown.... but that's part of the adventure.

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Personality Speech/Thought Color Keys
Maranda ██ | West ██ | Madeline ██ | Madame M ██

Personality #1: Maranda:

BlackDall Chrs Giphy_25
Personality 1)
Name: Maranda 
Color Key: ██ (#ffccff)
NATURE: the Jester
The world is such a fun place, but everyone always gets hung up on their misfortunes. You're here to make sure that doesn't happen, distracting them from their troubles long enough for their natural tendency for happiness to reassert itself. You are an entertainer and a confidant, who finds out the troubles of others to help them forget them. You think nothing of making yourself look the fool, if only it'd bring a smile to the lips of others. You'll do what you can to delight others, and have a soft spot in your heart for innocents in trouble. More than willing to draw fire from those who would make problems for your friends, you are a staunch defender of what you see as their best interests.
Quest: Whenever you can try to take people's mind off of their troubles, laughter is the best medicine.
Ban: Never miss an opportunity to cheer someone up, no matter what it takes.

DEMEANOR : Optimist
"Everything always turns out for the best." That is the motto of your life, and you know if you can just stay cheerful and stop worrying, your problems will never be with you forever. Some call you a fool, but even they have to admit you're happier than they are. Certainly you'll encounter difficulties from time to time, but there's no sense in worrying yourself to death in advance. Don't worry, be happy, and have a nice day.
Quest: Never give up believing that things turn out for the best.
Ban: Don't fall to pessimism. Keep cheery.

Role-Playing Hints.
• Happy-go-lucky and Optimistic, friendly and caring. Love to play and goof off, never afraid of looking like a fool especially if it makes others laugh or happy. Takes pride in cheering others up.
• Gets distracted at times and can be absent-minded
• the main personality that believes in the Shadow Government conspiracy and Aliens.

Personality #2: West:

BlackDall Chrs Wolf10
Personality 2)
Name: West
Color Key: ██ (#ccccff)
Nature: Monster
The Monster knows she is a creature of darkness and acts like it. Evil and suffering are the Monster's tools, and she uses them wherever she goes; no hurt goes uninflicted and no lie remains untold. The Monster does not commit evil for its own sake, but rather as a means to understand what she has become. Kindred elders and unstable individuals and display characteristics of the Monster Archetype.
Quest: Malignant deeds reinforce the Monster's sense of purpose. Monster indulge that urge for violence  and a uncontrollable  temper.  They love luring someone into wickedness, and causing another to doubt her faith.
Ban: Never act with intent of kindness. Embrace evil and suffering whenever possible.

Dominos: Rebel
You are a malcontent, iconoclast and free-thinking recalcitrant. You are so independent-minded and free-willed that you are unwilling to join any particular cause or movement. You are just yourself and only desire the freedom to be yourself. You do not make a good follower and aren't usually a very good leader either (unless your followers are willing to go wherever you lead). You tend to be insubordinate to authority to the point of stupidity.
Quest: rebel against the status quo
Ban: Conforming to authority/Conforming to the status quo.

Role-Playing Hints
•Wolf is a strong cynical personality, he is quick to anger especially if he doesn't get his way. He dislikes people, especially non-Supernatural. He finds them inferior to himself. He has trouble holding back his words and would rather rip your face off then look at you if he got his way.
• doesn't find joy in a lot of things, and is Emo and edgy.
• he knows he is a monster and enjoys being it.
He would watch the world burn and not lift a finger to stop it if it was not for the other 3 personalities keeping him in check.

Personality #3: Madeline :

BlackDall Chrs 25263
Personality 3)
Name: Madeline
Color Key: ██ (#ffcc99)
Nature: Survivor
No matter what, you always manage to survive. You can endure, pull through, recover from, outlast and outlive nearly any circumstance. When the going gets tough, you get going. You never say die, and never give up - never. Nothing angers you as much as a person who doesn't struggle to make things better, or who surrenders to the nameless forces of the universe.
Quest: You survive a difficult situations through your own cunning and perseverance.
Ban: Submitting to failure.

Nobility in the purest sense, you are the ruler, the patriarch or matriarch. You are the judge and legislator who sorts right from wrong. More than any other, you feel the heavy burden of duty and obligation. Often, you have to deal out punishment. Although you despise it, it is a necessary part of your responsibilities, and you perform it with as much wisdom and fairness as you can muster. You have resigned yourself to the fact that regency is a lonely and often misunderstood mission, and you do not let your personal feelings interfere with the charge of your station.
Quest: You work to esolve a situation through the strength of your leadership.
Ban: Never compromise or shirk your duty or the laws by which you live, whatever they may be.

Role-Playing Hints
• Never go back on your word, be strong, be serious, be the leader,
judge a situation with out emotional attachment, never lose your cool. You must be in control, the others are counting on you. You hold the responsibility in this group.
• Take the job you have been tasked with seriously, and be the leader the other personalities need to keep everyone in the right direction. Know when to let them play and when to let the monster out of its cage. Balance is key to this character.

Personality #4: Madame M :

BlackDall Chrs Mistre10
Personality 4)
Name: Madame M.
Color Key: ██ (#ff99ff)
NATURE: Sadist
You like to push the boundaries other others and try to see how much they can take - how much pain they can tolerate before they collapse. You gain a certain satisfaction from causing or observing suffering, humiliation, deprivation and even mutilation, especially when you are the cause of said pain and have control over it. You know that your need is somewhat perverse, but you know you aren't crazy. This is just the way you are.
Quest: Regain two points of Willpower whenever you bring suffering in a new way.
Ban: Refusing a chance to make another suffer or alleviating another of pain.

DEMEANOR: Manipulator
You have always been fascinated by others. Why do people behave as they do? What thoughts and emotions affect their actions? The cognitive processes that influence the choices people make intrigue you. Sometimes just asking people questions about their actions can yield important information, but often people do not truly understand their own motivations and concerns. In these cases, it is far easier to set up situations - experiments, if you will - to see how people behave. You attempt to manipulate these situations for your personal advantage, in order to discover more information about your chosen subjects. Some might call these experiments cruel, but to you it is mere scientific necessity.
Quest: Regain Willpower whenever you manage to set up an incident or situation that allows you to gain new insight into your subject's psyche.
Ban: Never refuse a chance to manipulate or gain further insight into a target.

Role-Playing Hints
• You are in control, you are the seducer, the seductress,  the dominatrix. Men are your playthings, manipulate them and wrap them around your finger. Take joy in giving others pain. After all there is a line where pain become pleasure, enjoy punishing or pushing people to their limits, but NEVER break your toys.
A broken toy is useless.
• This personality is one of the few that gets along with West.


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