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All of Madison Wolf’s life she had wanted to believe that there was something more to reality than just what is seen in the everyday world. The majority of her childhood was spent watching films such as close encounters of the third kind, and reading books such as war of the world's. She obsessed over documentaries about Bigfoot. Cryptozoology seem to become a huge passion of hers, and she was determined to find out that “the truth was out there” And one night she found it when she got too close for someone's comfort.

Though she was always seen as a bit odd in her obsession with conspiracy theory and cryptozoology by others and was often scorned by her teen peers in High school. She was never one to let these rumors and rash gossip get to her and ruin her happy. She spent majority of her high school years hanging with friends and doing the average "teenage thing". Parties and chatting about cute boys she had a interest in all the while trying to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary world around her.

Home life was good, Madison came from a very ''well-to-do" family, and growing up she truly wanted for nothing. She often helped cater to her twin brother's needs, giving in to her caregiving nature. Her twin brother Jack was quite the prodigy when it came to computers and technology and she learned a lot through his teachings. Since he was very young he had shown an uncanny aptitude for engineering and computer science. But despite his apparent genius he did not live up to the standards of their parents.

Their father, Henry wanted an athlete and a soldier to follow in his military footsteps. His mother wanted grandchildren while she was still young. But due to Jack’s below average physical aptitude and his awkward demeanor neither seemed a viable possibility. Madison was really his only real friend in the world and his only source of support. They were so close they even developed a language that only the two could understand. She encouraged him to pursue his interests in technology and science and he eventually blossomed into quite the genius engineer. He developed many programs and even invented a few devices of his own. The patents for which sold for quite the pretty penny. But the good times were not to last unfortunately. There was a storm on the horizon. And once it hit things would never be the same for the siblings.

Madison's Father worked in the US Military intelligence department and was often working on top secret documents that he could not enclose to his family because they help top secret Alien technology... or so Madison's wild imagination lead her to believe.

In truth Her father, Henry worked as a police officer and was Ex military. But he also worked for a man named Ivan Nezier, a kindred informant to the city's local Prince. Due to her Father being on the right side of the Masquerade he could not tell his family anything about his ''night work'' for Nezier. Thus leading to wild delusions in Madison's mind.

Henry was very supportive of his daughter's odd hobbies. He loved his daughter's curiosity and determination , but he always made sure she never got too close to the truth of things or stumble upon too much information about the hidden world of the masquerade and the kindred in her search. He did his best to try to keep her from things... but she was slowly starting to discover too much. One night Madison easdroped on a conversation between her father and Nezier about things she should not have known.

And like many teenagers she spread this information around, this would eventually lead to disaster for her family

[Death of the Family]
A sabbat cell within the prince's domain had learned of the malkavian Ivan Nazier’s little pet informant Henry and how Nezier was using him for his inner ties to the police to create a spy network in the Sabbath's territory.

This of course could not just let stand. Can't have the Cam knowing too much about their actions. So They devised a plan to strike at the lunatic's information source . They would have their ghouls strike the Wolf family's home as it was located in a rather secluded rural area and draw Ivan into a trap. They waited and watched the family for some time and when Nezier appeared to meet with Harry, They had their ghouls firebombed the house from the outside with molotov cocktails while the most of the family slept and their sabbat domitors hid in wait.

Their plan was were to take out two birds with one stone. but they did not account for Ivan’s true power. He had kept his mastery over the physical disciplines a bit of a secret as he had been trying to live a more peaceful life in the last few decades of his unlife. So when four sabbat hunters sprung from the brush to attack he was ready for them.

Madison awake in a panic to hear screaming coming from outside...

She ran to the window and witnessed Ivan quickly dispatched the sabbats ghouls and engaged their hunting party. He fought vigorously and valiantly like a wild man laughing in the wind. His mastery over potence, fortitude and celerity served him well against the four diablerist vampires. Never had she seen anything like this, the brutality in his blows and the sheer speed of these people amazed her. But sadly this was to be Ivan's last fight. He was able to dispatch three of the four and gravely wounded the fourth but the fight had taken a toll on him and he succumbed to hunger after the use of so much of his blood reserves and lost his focus. The elder fiend decapitated him with its claws and fled to lick its wounds back in its underground domain.

But before her mind could have a ''WTF moment'' at the what was unfolding around her, the flames from the fire reached her bedroom door. The house was already filled with thick black smoke and she could hardly breath. Gathering her courage she dared the flames of her burning homestead and sought out her family. but sadly her parents had burned to a crisp in their sleep. Her brother was a bit more fortunate to be tinkering in the garage where the inferno was less intense before he passed out at his workbench. But he was not unscathed by the time she pulled him out of the burning house. Quite the contrary. He was not the blackened remains his parents were but he was none the less worse for wear. His skin had practically been burned off most of his body, his face was almost gone. His lips, nose eyelids and ears were completely melted off and he had stopped breathing. His sister could not handle the loss of her entire family in one night. Her parents were dead, her brother died in her arms and everything she knew was gone. Madison's mind broke slightly.

[The Aftermath]
Sirens filled the night air and ambulances came, as all Madison knew was gone.

She sat broken in the back of a ambulance as EMTs tended to her burns. She was unresponsive, cloister in her own thoughts and Thinking about what she had seen.

"'Those people were not human... '' is all she kept repeating in her mind.
"They killed my family.... I... I need to warn people..." she sat and muttered to herself as she was taken away to the hospital.

After the events of that night Madison was destroyed psychologically. Social services eventually stepped in being that she was under the age of 18 and had no living relatives. The did a full mental evaluation on her and a professional help was called in to help the traumatized teen.

And over the weeks that followed A low income psychologist in social service determined that Madison was suffering from the trauma of these events. She was suffering nightmares, violent outbursts and delusions of grandeur, even more so then her belief in aliens.

Things for her were getting out of hand. With great protest on her part she was sent to Belleveu Mental Hospital for further treatment.

Madison felt slightly resentful at this, she knew she was not crazy, She knew monsters were real... and they killed her family. But those she told never believed her and no matter what she told the therapists or social workers they would not believe her and just told her that it was just something her mind made up to deal with the tragedy of losing her family.

Eventually she ended up in the care of Dr. Fracis Patel, a Camarilla Kindred who recognized the truth in the things the young girl was claiming. So during a Evaluation he did an hypnosis session on her. Using his vampiric abilities in the discipline of Dominate he was able to help Madison forget what she saw.

Though he may still have to live with the memory of the fire, she would forget the details of the monsters she saw. Madison awoke felt better then she had in months. The horrible events of that night started to drift from her conscious mind and she gained a feeling a closure.
And was finally able to put the event to rest in her past.

[A New Home]
As she was still underage, a tutor by the name of Roger Smith, PhD was warded to see over her mental recovery and to help manage her trustfund until she came of age. Roger Smith, was her Mentor and he really helped her through until was old enough to manage his own finances.

She was moved into a very loving foster home during this time where she lived until her 18th birthday.
She moved out on her own after which to pursue a carrier in radio.

[Where is she now ]
Now a days she lives out of her van for the most part, even though she has enough money to buy a house and be pretty set for life.

She never gave up her childhood wonder and love for Cryptos, Urban Legends and conspiracy theories. She has aspirations of hiring a small camera crew to help her investigate rumors of the whereabouts of some of these Cyptos.

She got a job at a local radio studio and has become one of the leading radio voices in the Cryptozoology/Conspiracy theorists community, earning her a bit of fame.
She travels around interviewing all the local nutjobs about their alien encounters and bigfoot sightings. while warning people about government conspiracy to put chemicals in the water to make the frogs gay.


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