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Special Note: Anything before this point Madison is unable to remember due to the breaking of the fae mirror during the gathering.
[Night 2]  [act5] Heave and Eternity

Important info
<Roger Smith 1738-1769>
Roger wrote:Roger: Vampire's are real, they exist and they're Cursed. Cursed to be outcast from their Destiny
Roger wrote:Your father was betrayed by one of these monsters. He didn't know he was being played as a peon in their game. Henry took from the Vampire World, he took money, influence, recognition and yet he didn't understand that all that had a price. That night Destiny came to take from your father all that Vampires had given to him."
Roger wrote:So I went to fight, I fought side by side with my enemy, against a bigger threat and we prevailed and while went home I stayed to help you."
Roger wrote:Destiny can take many forms. That was the shape the day Vampires attack your family but its not the only one, there are infinite possibilities, infinite forms.
Roger wrote:I'm no Monster and neither you will be. I'm here to Guide you away from Monstrousity and into Eternity to make a difference in this World. Something to be proud and redempt from this Curse."


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