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Post by Fliskets on Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:36 am

The early concept for the Personalities of Madison Wolf.
Unlike normal multiple personality disorder that a person might suffer from . when Madison Wolfe smashed Fae mirror these personalities started to take on a life of their own and become self aware of not only themselves but of each other.
NYBN- Maddy's Personality 410
Madison Wolf's body became more like a Car that these personalities take turns driving from time to time. Kinda like 4 friends on a road trip. 
Though they may not agree with each other from time to time, they all agreed that they have to keep the vehicle moving and on the road. 
The destination is unknown but that's part of the adventure.

Personality 1) 
Name: Maddy /Mad 
Nature: the Jester
The world is such a fun place, but everyone always gets hung up on their misfortunes. You're here to make sure that doesn't happen, distracting them from their troubles long enough for their natural tendency for happiness to reassert itself. You are an entertainer and a confidant, who finds out the troubles of others to help them forget them. You think nothing of making yourself look the fool, if only it'd bring a smile to the lips of others. You'll do what you can to delight others, and have a soft spot in your heart for innocents in trouble. More than willing to draw fire from those who would make problems for your friends, you are a staunch defender of what you see as their best interests.

Quest: Whenever you successfully manage to take people's mind off of their troubles, you regain Willpower.

Ban: Never miss an opportunity to cheer someone up, no matter what it takes.

Demeanor: Optimist
"Everything always turns out for the best." That is the motto of your life, and you know if you can just stay cheerful and stop worrying, your problems will never be with you forever. Some call you a fool, but even they have to admit you're happier than they are. Certainly you'll encounter difficulties from time to time, but there's no sense in worrying yourself to death in advance. Don't worry, be happy, and have a nice day.
Quest: Regain a Willpower point whenever things turn out for the best, just like you said they would. You must predict such an outcome, either out loud to the other characters or to yourself (tell the Storyteller).
Ban: Don't fall to pessimism. Keep cheery.

Role-Playing Hints.
Happy-go-lucky and Optimistic, friendly and caring. Love to play and goof off, never afraid of looking like a fool especially if it makes others laugh or happy. Takes pride in cheering others up.


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